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Amy Morton

Amy Morton

Founder & CEO
Bryan Long Engage Democrats

Bryan Long

Founder & President

Engage Democrats. We build political brands to win.

Amy & Bryan started Engage Democrats to help you answer the question, “How do I get started running for office?”

Prospective candidates tell us time and again that they have the talent and passion to be an elected leader in their community but simply can’t figure out how to get their campaign off the ground.

What’s the first step? And then what?

Without a professional website designed to engage donors, volunteers and voters you are stuck in a rut of how to move forward. As a result, your dream of speaking out and leading on important issues slips further away.

That stops today.

Leaning on our deep experience in Democratic politics we will pull the curtain back and show you how to launch your campaign in a way that is built to win.

We design logos, brand social media pages and build websites to propel your campaign out of the dream phase and into the real world. Along the way we will provide tips and advice for building and sustaining your campaign in a way that gives you the best shot at winning your election.

To sum it up, we make it easy to launch your political campaign and inspire you to inspire others.

Now you can finally step up and launch your campaign with a bang.

Our Team

Amy & Bryan have worked together in Democratic and progressive politics as a team since 2010. Together, we founded Better Georgia to give progressives a voice in a deep red state that ignored center-left and progressive opinions.

The political debate in Georgia had become a fight between the right and far right. Fed up with this dynamic, Amy & Bryan built an advocacy group from the ground up to call out Republican leaders on their hypocrisy and self-centered leadership. Along the way we grew a grassroots progressive organization that, at the time, was the largest in the state with 140,000 followers on Facebook and more than 6,000 individual donors.

Our core team has worked together in Democratic politics for more than 10 years.

Following the success of Better Georgia, we formed Southern Majority as a way to work directly with candidates and campaigns. Amy & Bryan continue to run Southern Majority as a full-service Democratic consulting firm.

Engage Democrats grew from a different vision. Not every campaign can afford — or even needs — full service, long-term and hands-on direction. But every campaign deserves to look like a winner from the start.

No matter your budget, we want to help you run for public office and have a shot at winning. With our campaign launch services and ongoing advice, you’ll discover new ways to engage donors, volunteers and voters.