Collect Donations Online

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If you plan to raise money from more than just a small group of family and friends (and you definitely should), you will need fundraising software to help you collect donations online and comply with local, state and federal guidelines.

While there are many ways to raise money online, here are the top three options we recommend.

All three campaign fundraising options make it easy for donors to give and make it easy for you to start collecting money as a candidate.

We will be glad to integrate any of these options into your campaign website.

All of these options include recurring giving options and the ability to accept credit/debit cards.

Numero is the best fundraising tool for campaigns that will raise at least $50,000. For statewide campaigns and federal offices, Numero is our first choice because it offers fundraising software that is truly unbeatable for fundraising teams.

The company’s Call Time app is unmatched and worth the full cost of the service alone for any campaign that plans to execute a call time program. The Call Time app makes the management of candidate call time a breeze — before, during and after call time.

The software also offers the ability to quickly find donors who haven’t fulfilled their pledges and to find “ghosted” donors who started filling in your donor form but didn’t finish.

Pricing for your campaign is available through a quick form on the website


Anedot donation pages are optimized to maximize donations. Anedot promises that you will raise more money with its software because of the built-in donor-form optimizations. You will also have the option to allow donors to cover the processing fees. Anedot lets you accept credit/debit cards, bank draft, PayPal, and Apple Pay all on one donation form.

Anedot charges 4.0% + 30¢ for each transaction.


ActBlue is extremely popular among activist donors, which makes it a popular choice for candidates. ActBlue offers quick setup.

ActBlue makes it easy to build an online fundraising program quickly.

There are no contracts and no hidden fees with ActBlue. You’ll have access to all the ActBlue tools and customer service as soon as you open your account.

ActBlue charges a 3.95% transaction fee on each contribution.