5 tips for your campaign website after the election

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If you’re like most Democratic candidates, 2021 is an off year for you. There are plenty of municipal elections this year, plus New Jersey and Virginia are notable exceptions.

But that doesn’t mean you get to take the year “off.” It’s safe to say that most Democrats are already thinking about the next election.

Before election season picks up again, we want to encourage you to take a couple of hours to refresh your campaign website — or at least take a good look it to see what the public sees.

Let’s call this spring cleaning for your digital world.

Here are 5 tips for cleaning up your website before your next campaign:

Refresh calls to action

Take a look at all of your Call-to-Action buttons. Do you still need them? Are they still connected to the correct service?

You may want to change the language on your donation asks to make a special appeal for off-year donations.

Review and update evergreen pages like About and Issues

Read your About page. Read your Issues page. Make sure that every word still reflects where you are today.

If you won your last election, make sure this is reflected in your website content. If you have been appointed to any committees, include those new appointments, too.

Update Plugins

If you use a budget host, make sure your plugins are up to date.

Make a Backup/Check your Backup

If you’ve never backed up your website before, now is a good time to do it. While Backups are commonly included in managed hosting plans, you won’t have that option with budget hosts. We recommend Updraft Plus as a reliable WordPress plugin.

If you do backup your site, check the settings to make sure they meet your needs. Are you changing your content often enough to back up daily, weekly or monthly?

And take a quick look at your backup files to be sure they are being stored correctly and will be useful if there’s a problem with your site.

Delete Pages, Posts or Events that are no longer useful

Remove the dead wood. If you have Pages that are obviously out of date, remove them. If you posted about an event and it’s clear from the context that the event has come and gone, it’s OK to leave the historical context of the event in your blogroll. But if you have an event from October 2020 featured on your home page, it’s time to remove it.

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