Does my campaign website need SEO?


Once you launch your political campaign website, you may begin to wonder, “How will people actually find my website?” And if you have friends in marketing, you may hear that the answer is “SEO.” This question about SEO for your campaign website underlines one of the most important differences between your campaign website and most […]

5 tips for your campaign website after the election

After the Election Blog Image

If you’re like most Democratic candidates, 2021 is an off year for you. There are plenty of municipal elections this year, plus New Jersey and Virginia are notable exceptions. But that doesn’t mean you get to take the year “off.” It’s safe to say that most Democrats are already thinking about the next election. Before […]

List building is more essential than you might think


A political campaign is a constant cycle of list building.  Nearly every aspect of your campaign that helps you quantify its own success is best managed using lists. What better way to describe how many lists you’ll need for your campaign than to list them.  Here’s a list of the lists will you need to […]

Do I need to submit my campaign website to Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo?

Search Engines

There’s almost no doubt that you know Google Search. It’s the industry leader and the default search engine for most devices. But once candidates begin thinking about building their political campaign website, they begin hearing about other search engines: Bing. Yahoo! DuckDuckGo.  And then you will immediately wonder if your site can be found in […]

The biggest problem with running for office and how you can fix it

run for office

Running for office isn’t easy. If you’ve ever run for office, you know that winning the race and getting elected takes planning.  If it’s your first time running for office, grab a pen and paper. Take a deep breath. And let’s run through the biggest problem that you’ll face as you take your first steps.  […]