Do I need to submit my campaign website to Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo?

Search Engines

There’s almost no doubt that you know Google Search. It’s the industry leader and the default search engine for most devices.

But once candidates begin thinking about building their political campaign website, they begin hearing about other search engines: Bing. Yahoo! DuckDuckGo. 

And then you will immediately wonder if your site can be found in these smaller search engines.

Here’s a quick look at recent search engine market share in the United States:

  • Google – 87.74%
  • Bing – 6.25%
  • Yahoo! – 3%
  • DuckDuckGo – 2.6%
  • Ecosia – 0.13%
  • MSN – 0.11%

At Engage Democrats, we submit every site we build to Google Search, Bing and Yahoo! — and that covers about 97% of all search activity in the U.S.

We fine tune your site to be searchable but each search engine sets its own rules for how and when to index your website.

While we frequently see websites appear in search results within two weeks (sometimes as quickly as within two days), you should allow six to eight weeks for your sites to appear in all of the major search engines. This six to eight week window is the one noted by the search engines.

The single best way to make sure your site doesn’t disappear into the darkness of the web is to be active and drive traffic to the site yourself. Use your domain name on your direct mail and all of your campaign literature. Link to your website from active social media accounts. And drive traffic from your digital campaigns to your website.gns to your website.

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